Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Cub's 25 Man Roster on Openig Day

The two links above are stories on the Cubs final roster moves before opening day.
The Cubs released Chad Gaudin and sent Jeff Samardzija to Triple A.
Both moves come as a surprise to me. The Cubs had five pitchers battling for the final three spots in the bullpen. I think Samardzija was the third most talented pitcher in the bullpen after Gregg and Marmol. The reason he was sent to the minors is because he still had options available. Guzman and Patton were out of options and the Cubs would most likely have lost them if they did not make the 25 man roster. I think Samardzija will still spend the majority of the season in the majors and will be the first call up once a pitcher gets hurt or is not pitching well.
Both Gaudin and Vizcaino were inconsistent this spring. If the Cubs would have released Vizcaino they would have lost more money and it would make the Marquis trade look bad. The Tribune story said the Cubs had tried to trade Gaudin and I assume that Vizcaino is on the trading block also.
Guzman has a lot of talent and hopefully can be successful after a difficult spring. Patton is a interesting story and has never pitched above single A. I would be surprised if he lasts the entire season.
It will be interesting to see who the Cubs would use if they need another starter. Will they call up Samardzija or would they use someone that is in the bullpen now. Both Guzman and Heilman have starting experience.
Overall I am pretty excited about the Cubs roster and hope everyone stays healthy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Your 2009 Chicago Cubs

Here is my projection of the Cub's 25 man roster and the role for most players.

Starting Five -- 1. Zambrano 2. Dempster 3. Lilly 4. Harden 5. Marshall (I think he would be more valuable as a lefty out of the bullpen, but earned a spot as a starter with his pitching in spring training.)
Bullpen -- Closer - Gregg, Set-up - Marmol (Marmol is the better pitcher and he is more valuable coming in with men in scoring position) 6th/7th inning - Samardzija, Cotts, Heilman Long Relief Gaudin, Vizcaino (both have been disappointing so far this spring) I have read good things about left hander Jason Waddell. Guzman and Hart will also compete for a spot in the bullpen. Gaudin, Guzman, and Heilman could also start when needed.

Batting Order

1. Soriano - LF
2. Fukudome - CF
3. Lee - 1B
4. Bradley - RF
5. Ramirez - 3B
6. Fontenot - 2B
7. Soto - C
8. Theriot - SS

Hoffpauir - left handed bat to pitch-hit , can play the corner outfield spots and first base.
Miles - can be back-up across the infield.
Johnson - any outfield spot and can replace Fukudome if he struggles.
K. Hill - back-up catcher. He is outplaying Bako in spring training, but it would be nice to have a experienced back-up catcher.
Gathright, German, or Koskie - Miles has a hurt shoulder so they may need another infielder. Gathright would add speed, but there is already two back-up outfielders.

There is my view, let me know what you think.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

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